Cybersecurity expert Paul Stockton has enough of his own damn problems, thank you very much. But now his brother Sam—an ex-operative with a genius for all things violent—is framing him for a series of political assassinations that would make their father president. PowerHouse CoverCaught on the itchy side of investigators’ scrutiny, Paul has no choice but to go after Sam himself. Great. Who better to stop the guy who can do a hundred push-ups than the guy who types a hundred words a minute? From Seattle to L.A. to D.C., the hunt is on, the clock is ticking, and the bodies would be piling up if they weren’t being blown in all directions. And though Paul does recruit the unlikeliest of allies, he alone must decide what he’s willing to sacrifice—for the people he loves, for his own redemption, and to save the lives of untold thousands.




Uncle Kenny’s Other Secret Agenda

Uncle Kenny’s Other Secret Agenda is a quirky, darkly funny, thriller about Paul Stockton, a 13-year-old college freshman squirming under the thumb of a narcissistic U.S. Senator father and a cold, disapproving mother. UKOSA CoverThrow in OCD and a psychopath brother, and his home life is an exercise in survival. Paul wants out. Stealing his father’s stolen campaign funds could help–if he can keep the money. But there are greater costs to vanishing into an assumed identity. And in the meantime, can Paul stop Uncle Kenny’s other secret agenda?

Uncle Kenny’s Other Secret Agenda and PowerHouse are available in print and electronic formats. Click here to buy now! Enjoy!